School Bus Information

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Update 08.06.2020: EZSchoolPay payment option for bus passes has been enabled.

SY 2020-2021 Bus Route Maps updated

ER15B—7:10am (Kulii / Welo / Makakilo Dr / Westview / Anipeahi)

ER16B—7:30am (Nohohale / Palailai)

ER18B—7:20am (Panana)

ER19B—7:15am (Palahia / Makakilo Dr)

ER20B—7:15am (Koolina / Honokai Hale) combo w/Kapolei High am/pm

ER21B—7:15am (KROC / Malanai / Knolls)

ER24B—7:15am (Upper Makakilo)

ER28C—7:30am (Mehana / Olino / Barbers Pt-Lexington / Shelter / Bougainville)

HIDOE launches new online student bus pass application and payment

SY 2019-2020 School Bus Pass Refund

Student Transportation Services Branch (STSB) will be issuing refunds to paid school bus pass holders due to the COVID-19 emergency school closure.

Refund amounts will be prorated based on the unused portion of a paid bus pass starting on March 23, 2020. The STSB will automatically compute refunds using live payment data within its School Bus Transportation web application. No action will be needed by parents, legal guardians or school personnel. Refund checks will be mailed directly to the payee of record once a determination of the status of the 2019-2020 school year is finalized. Parents and guardians who want more information or are inquiring on the status of their refund can contact their local student transportation office.

Leeward District: 687-9519


Student is grade K-5 must reside one (1) mile or more from their home school and students in grades 6-12 must reside 1.5 miles or more from their home school to qualify for regular school bus service.

Regular school bus service is limited to transportation from the residential address of record to school and back home again.

Payment Plans SY 2020-2021

All bus riders (except those who are approved for free bus service) must pay the prevailing transportation fee. Two payment plans are available:

  1. Quarterly - $36 one way per quarter (AM only or PM only)

  2. Bus Coupons - $10.00 per sheet of ten coupons at one coupon per side (AM or PM)

IMPORTANT: HIDOE has a firm NO REFUND policy on all bus pass purchases.

HIDOE urges you to consider your child's transportation plans carefully before purchasing a bus pass.

All bus pass sales are final.

Returned Checks

There will be a $25 fee for all returned checks. When this happens, service for your child will be immediately suspended. To restore service, you must pay the fee plus the cost of the bus pass to the school office.

Bus Pass Cards

Students are expected to display their bus pass (or render a bus coupon) to the bus driver upon demand. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action and service disruptions as follows:

Elementary and middles school students who fail to display a valid bus pass in the mornings will be transported to school then immediately reported to the school principal. Students who fail to display a valid bus pass in the afternoons may be required to obtain a temporary bus pass from the school office before boarding the bus. Repeat offenders will not be permitted to board the bus.

Lost Bus Pass

There is a$5 fee to replace a lost, stolen or damaged bus pass. Free bus recipients will receive up to two free replacement bus passes then will be required to pay the $5 replacement fee.

Bus Stop Information

Parents can find bus stop information online The landing page will display a map of the fifty United States. Simply click on Hawaii, then click on Hawaii Department of Education. Enter your home address and zip code to find the bus stop locations and pick up times closest to your residence. If no bus stop locations are listed for your school, contact your school office or your District Transportation Office.

Video Cameras and GPS Tracking

HIDOE is committed to ensuring your child's safety, health and well-being at all times. To that end, parents are advised that HIDOE utilizes video cameras and GPS tracking devices on all of its school bus vehicles statewide. Guidelines on the restricted use, application and retention of video surveillance files and vehicle tracking files can be obtained by contacting your local school bus transportation office.


If you have a concern about your child's bus service, bus driver or route schedule, please contact the school principal or your local district transportation office immediately.


Students who misbehave on the bus pose a serious health and safety risk to all passengers and are therefore subject to disciplinary action by the school principal. When an incident occurs, the bus driver is required to report it to the school principal within two school days. The principal will conduct an investigation of the incident and notify you of the outcome. If your child is precluded from riding the bus due to disciplinary action, you will not receive a refund for the unused portion of the bus pass.


Student Transportation Services Branch


3633 Waialae Avenue

Honolulu, Hawaii 96816

Phone: 784-6850

Fax: 733-4699


Student Transportation Services Branch - Leeward District

Phone: 687-9519

Fax: 685-2052

Kapolei Middle School

Principal Fajardo

Phone: 693-7025 ext. 225


Clerk -

Phone: 693-7025 ext. 241


School Bus Company

Ground Transport, Inc.

Phone: 833-4222