Use of Facilities

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Use of Facilities

Effective 09/15/2016, Kapolei Middle School will adopt the following policy in regards to the rental of school facilities:

1. Form BO-1 Application for Use of School Buildings, Facilities or Grounds must be submitted to the office at least ten (10) working days before the date of the requested event. This form is available at the front office of Kapolei Middle School or online at

a. The completed application will be reviewed by the SASA/clerk who will then notify the requester and obtain final agreement of charges and logistics no later than five (5) working days from receipt of application.

b. Approval of the application is contingent upon availability of requested space and staffing.

c. Kapolei Middle School activities are priority over rental requests. Kapolei Middle School reserves the right to disapprove an application based on this ruling.

d. In the event that an application has already been approved, yet the site needs to be used for a Kapolei Middle School function, the requester will be notified immediately of the discrepancy. Arrangements for an alternate site will be discussed to be mutually agreed between Kapolei Middle School and the requester. If an agreement cannot be met, the approved application for facility rental will be declared null and void. No invoice will be generated.

2. A custodian must be present at all events for the entire duration of the event. (see attachment A for a listing of responsibilities)

a. The requester will be the responsible party for the use of the facility which is rented. All necessary cleaning (sweeping, mopping, wiping down of tables and chairs) and putting away of furniture and equipment used is to be done by the requester and their organization.

b. Failure to comply with the above rule will result in additional fees being charged to the requester (i.e. If custodial staff need to stay overtime to do additional mopping, cleaning, etc., the renter will be assessed two (2) times the applicable rate).

c. The requester will be held liable for any equipment that is lost or damaged.

d. No keys will be issued to the renter.

e. The hiring of additional custodian(s) will be required for groups of 150 or more per event.

3. All rental requests will be assessed (based on type of organization) an hourly rental charge, hourly utility charge, (see attachment B - Schedule of Fees) and an hourly custodian charge based on the current labor costs subject to change due to union contract negotiations.

a. Effective 04/1/2020, the hourly custodial charge is $54.16/hour.

b. The renter will be assessed two (2) times the applicable rate for any overtime or extra time used beyond the approved application hours.

4. Requesting of "courtesy" time for opening and closing the facility shall be in writing, stating the specific time of day needed within one hour of the opening and closing of the rental time listed in the application.

a. "Courtesy" time is granted based on availability of the custodian.

b. In regards to the "courtesy" time, the renter will be charged for the cost of the custodian time and also utility. The rental portion of the fee for the "courtesy" time will be waived.

5. All confirmed renters will be required to pay the estimated cost in FULL.

a. Payment must be made two (2) weeks PRIOR to the date of the event.

b. Please make check or money order payable to: Kapolei Middle School.

Cashier's Check or Money Order to be made payable to Kapolei Middle School.

Use of Facilities Fee Schedule Effective 08.16.2018

Facility Rental Hourly Rate Hourly Utility Hourly Custodial

Dining Room/Cultural Center $43.00 $9.10 $50.71

Faculty Lounge w/AC $26.00 $24.95 $50.71

**Custodial hourly rate is $20.63 x 1.50 plus 40% fringe and 25% administrative costs.

Equipment Rental

Folding Chairs per ea. 100 per day $30.00

Click Here for Form BO-1 Applicaiton for Use of School Buildings, Facilities, or Grounds

For more information on Use of Facilities, please contact 693-7025 ext. 241.