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Social Studies

Welcome to Social Studies! 

Course Description: Content and Skills in this class are based off of both the Common Core for Reading and Writing History and the Hawaii Content Performance Standards (HCPS) III. Other skills addressed are designed to help students prepare for high school success (note-taking, presentations, debates).

The goals of the class this year are:

  • Students will gain an understanding of the beginnings of the United States from colonization through the Civil War (how our history as colonies shaped the country)

  • Students will be able to describe what their rights are that are guaranteed in the Bill of Rights.

  • Students will build on their research writing skills

  • Students will gain confidence giving different types of presentations

  • Students will develop and enhance their ability to ask a variety of good questions

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Quarter 3

Happy New Year!!! 

This quarter we will be exploring the history of the United States, starting with George Washington's Presidency. Students will be learning and utilizing the C3 method for research in order to put together a project. Students will need to have highlighters in green, blue, purple, and pink with them every day. 

Amendment Test Part 1 is graded! Since this test had an essay question and the students did not have the use of notes, they will be able to revise their essays for a higher grade. All revisions are due Friday, January 25th by 3pm.