Yellow 8

Team 8-1 is excited to work with you and your child in achieving the 8th grade Hawaii Content and Performance Standards/Common Core State Standards.  Please read this team syllabus and individual class syllabi carefully, so you are informed of the specifics of the team’s policies.

How to Figure Out  Your Grade (See Social Studies syllabus for exceptions):

All classes will use a 4- point rubric:

4=Exceeds the standard or benchmark

3=Meets the standard or benchmark

2=Getting to the standard or benchmark.

1=Starting point of the standard or benchmark.

0=Nothing turned in

All assessments will be averaged for a grade. For example: If Standard 1 has 3 benchmarks attached to it (8.1.1, 8.1.2 and 8.1.3) the scores of these three will be averaged together for the grade for standard 1.  

For all core classes and Wheel:

A = 3.6 – 4.0          B = 3.1 – 3.5 C = 2.3 – 3.0           D = 2.0 – 2.2 F = 0.0 – 1.9

    (90-100%)             (78-89%)   (58-77%)  (50-57%) (0-49%)

Formative vs. Summative Grades:

  • Formative practice assignments (15% of grade) give students a chance to familiarize themselves with a concept or skill and receive teacher feedback on their efforts.

  • Summative assignments (85% of grade) are final tests, papers and/or projects that assess learning developed through formative assignments.  

Late Work Policy:

All work must be turned in by the end of the school day on which the assignment is due.  A grade of ZERO will be given to late work. Feedback on late work can still be given without credit.

Grades and Progress Check:

Please ensure to check Infinite Campus regularly to keep up to date with assignment completion and grades.  Mid-term progress reports and Quarter grades will be sent home through advisory. Please sign and return MPRs to your child’s Advisory teacher.

Interventions for Extra Help:

Before and after school homework support by appointment

Other interventions as needed

Plagiarism and Cheating:

A big part of learning is showing your understanding of the material, which means you need to be able to put information into your own words. Plagiarism is taking someone else’s work and claiming it as your own; this includes cutting and pasting from websites, books, another student’s work, etc. If you are caught plagiarizing an assignment, you will have one chance to redo the assignment or an alternate assignment only for a “met.” No further redos will be allowed.

Tardy to Class Policy:

Students should already be seated and writing the class agenda in their planner by the time the tardy bell rings. When a student is late to class, the following steps will be followed:

1st Offense Detention - equivalent to the amount of time tardy

2rd Offense Student-written reflection letter (recess/lunch time)

3rd Offense Referral to counselor

4th Offense Referral to VP

Absent Policy:

If students are absent, they must provide parent verification of excused absence within a week upon return to school.  Assignments (tests, summative assignments, projects) missed during absence will not be graded until parent verification is received.  If parent verification is not received within a week after the absence,  any missed assignment will receive a ZERO.

If you are planning to go on an extended trip, you must contact the track counselor, Ms. Melody Rose Sagario ( at least two-weeks prior to the trip so that  arrangements can be made to provide make-up work before leaving.  All work must be turned in within one-week upon return to school.

Discipline Plan:

  • Respect yourself, others and the school.

  • Come prepared (supplies, good attitude, completed assignments)

  • Positive communication (speaking and listening)

  • Follow school rules (No gum, use of planner, be in dress code, IDs around neck)

  • Personal electronic devices should NOT be visible at any time on campus; NO exceptions!

    • 1st offense device sent to VP; student will be counseled.

    • 2nd offense device sent to VP; VP will call home.

    • 3rd offense device will be taken to the front office for parent to pick up.

    • 4th offense will be counted as insubordination with referral to VP.

Classroom Consequences:

1st Offense Warning

2nd Offense Time out

3rd Offense Student-written reflection letter (recess/lunch time)

4th Offense Referral to counselor

5th Offense Referral to VP

* After 5th offense for repeated infraction, severe Ch. 19 offense (i.e., fighting or bullying) or “F” grade for any core class including Wheel, students will not be allowed on ANY school-related field trips or other team/school functions.  Discipline Plan may be subject to change and notification will be provided.


We want to provide the best education and learning opportunities for students, so that they will be successful in school and life.  The best way to keep updated on your child’s progress in their classes is to regularly visit Infinite Campus.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher.  Due to our multi-track schedule and the changing of rooms, email is the preferred and most reliable method of communication.  

Team 8-1 Teachers




Mr. Lavigne


Mrs. Ursua

Resource Teacher

Ms. Hill

Social Studies

Mrs. Jose


Mr. Miyashiro


Mrs. Urada


Mrs. Jeske

Educational Assistant

Mr. Fagaragan

Tech Ed.

Ms. Sagario


Required Supplies (used daily for all classes):

  1. Composition books for English(1), Science (1), Social Studies(1) and Math(4)

  • Colored pencils

  • 3-ring binder (2”)

  • 4) Blue, Black and Red pens

    5)  5 Subject divider pages for binder (1 pack)

    6)  4-color, retractable pen (English & social studies)

    7)  Folder paper

    8)  Correction Tape (White Out)

    9)  Highlighters (at least 4 colors)

    10)  Pencils

    11) PE Uniform (4th Quarter)

    12) 3-ring pen pouch

    13) Glue sticks

    14) 3-ring binder (1”) Wheel

    15) Pack of graph paper

    Classroom Supplies (turn in to Advisory teacher by end of first week of school, July 13th):

    1. 1 Ream of copier paper

    2. 1 Box of Kleenex

    3. 1 Roll of paper towels

    4. Clorox wipes