Transition Center

Kapolei Middle School's Transition Center featured in the
2017 Fall Edition of the HUI KULA "Joint Schools"
School Liaison Newsletter for Hawaii

Transition Center Established: April 10, 2017



“To care for our students and their families by providing a fun, informative place to help ease transition and alleviate the stress of moving to a new school.”


"Life is about the journey, not the destination”

Hours of Operation

Mondays and Tuesdays 8:00am-2:00pm

Fridays: 9:30am- 2:30pm


My name is Aleksandra Morus and I am your Transition Center Director, I am here to help you and your student transition smoothly into Kapolei Middle School. For our military families, I will work to provide you with military resources that are available. I am here to provide that extra TLC that is sometimes needed for a child to feel at home in a new school.  I have an extensive background working directly with and helping military families. As a Department of Defense employee overseas, I was the Director of the Arts Center in Ansbach, Germany. I was actively involved in coordinating various arts programs with the Child Development, School Age, and Youth Centers. During this time, I established and launched the Resiliency Through Art Program; the program’s main focus was to help Wounded Warriors cope with PTSD, and eased their transition towards civilian life. I also volunteered as an English teacher in Greece and educated children of all age groups; preschool through High School level students. In addition, I possess TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certifications and have many hours of classroom experience. Growing up meant being outside of the continental United States for the majority of my childhood years, as I myself was a part of a Navy family. I am intimately familiar with the challenges of moving frequently and sensitive to the needs of our military families and children. Moving is never easy, but can definitely be a rewarding life journey. I feel as though I have been called to work here at Kapolei and will do my best to address any concerns you may have and provide that sense of belonging to your student.  

The Transition Center at Kapolei Middle School has been established to greet and assist each new student on his or her first day of school and provide a welcoming place so they feel like part of our Ohana right away. I will meet your child in the office and we will tour the school and discuss areas of interest. Once back at the center I will have your student sign our “travel log” that tells us where they have moved from or lived before. One of our main goals is to ensure your student feels they have a peer group to link up with right away, so I will try to connect them with a current student of the same gender to give them a “Wingman”.  The “Wingman” program is our buddy system that links your child with a current student who wants to welcome and befriend new students. First days are the hardest, so your student will be welcome to eat lunch in the center or the lunchroom. Once your student has their routine down, I will conduct a 4-week check up and have them visit with me and tell me how it’s going. Communication is key and essential to ensuring your child is thriving. Feeling secure and confident with their new surroundings is imperative and here at the Transition Center. I will always have an open door for Recess, Class Passing and Lunch for them to come and hang out. We provide the student, year round, with a place to eat lunch and an assortment of games to play with their friends. This is their home away from home. The center will post its weekly activities on the bulletin board in our room inviting students to join in Hawaii Trivia Challenges, Chess Tournaments and Missions to complete!

Overall, our goal is to make this transition easier on our new students and their families. I hope to provide our local and military families with helpful resources that are available. It is our mission to provide these children with a fun place they know they can go to find a friend and a place that can help them grow to become a valuable part of this beautiful community.

I look forward to meeting your family,

Ms.  Aleksandra M. Morus

Transition Center Director

808-693-7025, Ext 242

2017 Joint Venture Education Forum (JVEF) at the Kroc Center

Featuring Kapolei Middle School Transition Center's WINGMAN PROGRAM

Great job to our Wingmen Representatives for an awesome presentation!



“Never leave a friend behind


To develop a buddy system for new students and help ease the stress of starting a new school and provide them someone to look to for help.

To provide a leadership opportunity for the current students to grow.

To create a goal for new students to want to become Wingmen in the future.

To provide a group where military students can connect with other military peers and foster relationships between local community students and military to bring a sense of Ohana and belonging.

To help instil values, morals, leadership skills, and good behavior in our Wingmen. Educate all students attending the program about the positive effects of being helpful, polite, and reliable. The long-term benefits of being reliable and how we all count on each other to have a good strong team.

We introduce students on volunteering, as well as educate 8th grade wingmen on future high-school options; such as, JROTC.





2 or 3 sentences why you want to become a Wingman

Meetings are held during lunch once a month. Meeting topics of discussion are:

Values of Wingmen.
Welcome new students, hail outgoing students.
Give certificates of acceptance into the program to new Wingmen.
How to apply?
What’s a leader?
Character, Integrity.
Thank Wingmen for hard work and tours.
Discuss rules, changes, and any other concerns or input.
Re-engage the importance of a team.