Student Announcements
Green Track 
Returns on Monday, October 19, 2018

Boys Basketball Info. Meeting

An informational meeting for boys basketball will be held on Thursday October 18 and Friday October 19 at recess in room I-101.

Coding and Computer Science

Are you interested in Coding and Computer Science?  DevLeague has partnered with Kapolei Middle School and is offering an afterschool Web Development class for 6th-8th grade students.  Due to planning, this program is only available to students on Green and Yellow track.  The class is on a first come, first served basis.   There's enough room for just 30 students.  The time commitment begins and ends October 22 - December 20, Mondays and Thursdays, 2:30pm-4:00pm at E-104.  The program will teach you HTML, CSS and JavaScript.  These languages are the backbones to any web page/tool or game and can serve as a way to learn other computer languages for professional and personal use.  This is a great opportunity to learn from actual professionals working in the digital field.  If you are interested, meet Mr. Fagaragan for a very brief informational meeting after school this Thursday at E-104 2:30 pm.

Quarter 2 School Bus Payment

Quarter 2 school bus payments are due.  

Quarter 1 passes expired on September 7th for Yellow Track.  

Quarter 1 passes will expire for Green, Blue and Red Tracks on Spetember 28th.

Payments should be made prior to the first day of Quarter 2.

Round Trip Service: $72.00

One-Way Service: $36.00

Make check payments payable to " Department of Education"


Expressions will be taking yearbook and portrait photos on the following dates:
Red Track - July 18
Blue Track - July 25
Yellow Track - August 1
Green Track - August 22
Retakes are September 26 and October 3
All students must wear their uniform shirt for their yearbook photo, but can bring a top of their choice for the purchased portrait photo.
Package information and purchasing envelopes went home on the first day of school.

Kapolei Middle School 
SY 2018-2019
Uniform T-shirts (Black Only):  $9/each

Dry Fit Uniform Shirts (short sleeved):    $14/each

Dry Fit Uniform Shirt (long sleeved):    $18/each

Hoodie:    $24/each

Jacket:    $24/each

State Issued Student Bus Pass
If your child has lost his/her bus pass, a replacement can be purchased at the Kapolei Middle School office.  Replacement fee is $5.00.

Student ID
ID cards must be worn in a plastic pocket holder on a grade level color lanyard at all times on campus.  If the ID is lost, stolen or damaged; a replacement must be purchased.
  • New ID Set (includes lanyard and plastic pocket)  $5.00
  • New ID Only  $3.00
  • Lanyard  $2.00
  • Plastic ID Pocket  50 cents
ID are to be used to verify identity to all school personnel, purchase meals, utilize library privileges (borrowing books, using computers) and participate in student government activities.  ID must be kept free of stickers, markings or damage.  Should the ID become faded, defaced or otherwise unreadable, it will no longer be valid for use and may have the barcode removed or be confiscated for referral to the track counselor or grade level administrator.