Student Announcements
Green Track
January 7 - 27, 2020

Valentine Grams

KUBE is stocked and ready for all your valentine needs! Stop by at lunch time to purchase a real rose, real carnation, plush bear, or heart shaped balloon. 

Prices range from $2 - $4. KUBE volunteers will even deliver your item to that special someone on valentines day. Flowers are for delivery only. Plush Bears and Balloons can be taken when purchased or delivered. Deadline is February 7th.

Planner Artwork Contest

The search is on for the next artist for the planner. Artwork is due on Friday, February 21st by 3:00pm. Information packets can be picked up from Ms. Kerr or from the student activities bulletin board next to the choir room.

There are 4 requirements: Front & Back Cover, Slogan, Artwork, and Quality Work. Student Council will use a rubric to determine the winner. The artist wins a $100 Visa Gift Card.

Updated Student Visitor Policy!!


Good morning Warriors! 

As we embark upon the winter season that brings chilly, cold and rainy weather, please remember to adhere to our school policy. We want all of you to remain warm. Please remember, only KMS hoodies are allowed. Students may wear non-KMS jackets that have a zipper in the front from top to bottom. 

At this point in the year, it is an expectation that all students are aware of the policy, therefore, non-KMS hoodies will be confiscated. Thank you for your cooperation. 

Coding Warriors (REVISED)

After school Coding Warriors will begin on Monday, January 27th. Stop by E108 for an enrollment form then join us on Mondays and Tuesdays from 2:45 to 4 for coding fun!

Quarter 3 Bus Payments

Bus payment for Quarter 3 is due.

Round Trip: $72

One-way: $36

Checks payable to Hawaii Department of Education


Family Night - January 17th

Learn how to cook delicious meals from local chefs and then watch Aquaman! 
Kapolei Staff and Families welcomed! 
It's Friday, January 17 starting at 5 pm. 
RSVP flyers given through advisory teachers. 
We'd love to see you there! 

Yearbook Sales - Order NOW!

December 31st is the last date for students to purchase a yearbook for $25. 
 Starting January 1, 2020, the cost goes up to $30. Yearbooks are available online at:
 Our school code is 17537

Please contact Ms. Kerr for support. or 693.7025 x 336.

Bus Riders Report to Cafe

Bus Riders are reminded to report directly to the cafeteria when the bell rings to ensure you donʻt miss your bus.  

School Uniform

Kapolei Middle School 
SY 2019 - 2020
Uniform T-shirts (Black Only):  $9/each

Dry Fit Uniform Shirts (short sleeved black only):    $14/each all sizes

Dry Fit Uniform Shirt (long sleeved):    $18/each (limited stock of Adult L and XL)

Hoodie:    $24/each

Jacket:    $24/each

Lost and Found

Lost your lunch box? Misplaced your water bottle? Can't find your planner? 
Check out the lost and found in the Front Office.

Meal Tickets ; Lunch Loan

Aloha KMS,

A few friendly reminders;

Did you forget your ID at home? 
If so, you will need to get a temp ID from your advisory teacher.

Want to eat lunch for the day? With your temp ID you will need to get a MEAL TICKET from the front office. You may get your breakfast without a temp ID but you will need both to get your lunch.

If your lunch account is in the negative, you will need to get a Lunch Loan from the front office. Please keep in mind this is a loan and money should be deposited soon after. 

KUBE Volunteers Needed

KUBE is our student store. KUBE stands for Kapoleiʻs Ultimate Buying Establishment.  
You can use cash or points to purchase school supplies and water. You can also stop by KUBE to sign up for HERO activities using your HERO Points. 
 KUBE is asking for 2019 - 2020 volunteers that would like to work at KUBE during your lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please see Ms. Maio at KUBE to pick up a volunteer application. Spots are limited to 10 people per track so donʻt delay.

HERO Point Sharing

You are now allowed to share points to help classmates be school ready.
- Points may be shared to purchase any of the following for a classmate (lanyard, ID, ID Plastic, or a Planner)
- Both students must be present at KUBE to share points

You may not share points for Warrior Wednesday snacks or HERO Incentives.  

Changes to After School Bus Pick Up

We are changing our bus procedures. Starting on March 4, 2019, the bus routes will no longer be announced over the PA system and students should not wait in front of the Administration Building for the bus. Instead, all students who are catching the bus will wait in the cafeteria for they wait for the bus to arrive. They will be monitored by security. When their bus arrives, security will call out the route number and the students will board the bus.

If you ride the bus, it is your responsibility to arrive in the cafe to listen to for your bus. Ms. Annette will not longer be announcing buses over the PA.

Image result for bus clip art

Student Dress Code

From page 11 of the student planner:

Dress code:
  • Students who are on track must be in uniform.
  • All clothing and accessories must be free of messages relating to drugs, gangs, sex or profanity.
  • All gang related fashion is prohibited.
  • Only jackets and sweaters with front, top-to-bottom zippers, buttons, clasps, snaps or Velcro are allowed.  These items are considered outer garments only and are not to be worn in place of, but may be worn with, a KMS uniform shirt which must be visible.  Hoods must not be worn during school.  Only Kapolei Middle School pullover sweaters are allowed.
  • Hems of shorts and skirts must not be shorter than the tip of the middle finger when the student is standing with arms down.
  • Appropriately sized pants must be secure at the waist with no undergarments showing.  Pants with rips and tears are not acceptable.
  • On days when alternate attire is allowed, sleeveless tops, clothing that reveals cleavage, midriff and/or stomach are not acceptable.
  • Alternate uniforms for PE/Intramural sports should be worn only in their respective activity.  Students should be in KMS uniforms when attending class and while on campus (before, during and after school).
  • Baseball caps, visors, stocking caps, head covers, wristbands, sweatbands, headbands, leg bands and sunglasses (with the exception of prescription glasses) are not allowed in school.  Custodians and physical education teachers may wear headgear and dark glasses in the course of their outdoor duties.  Headgear may be worn  for outdoor activities at the discretion of the teacher(s) involved in the activity.

In the event that a student needs to attend a school/class function (i.e. ISA, team field trip, dance class practicum, etc.) that requires alternate attire, the student will be allowed to wear the alternate attire while at school.  Should a student want to change out of the alternate attire, the student shall change into the school uniform.

State Issued Student Bus Pass
If your child has lost his/her bus pass, a replacement can be purchased at the Kapolei Middle School office.  Replacement fee is $5.00.

Student ID
ID cards must be worn in a plastic pocket holder on a grade level color lanyard at all times on campus.  If the ID is lost, stolen or damaged; a replacement must be purchased.
  • New ID Set (includes lanyard and plastic pocket)  $5.00
  • New ID Only  $3.00
  • Lanyard  $2.00
  • Plastic ID Pocket  50 cents
ID are to be used to verify identity to all school personnel, purchase meals, utilize library privileges (borrowing books, using computers) and participate in student government activities.  ID must be kept free of stickers, markings or damage.  Should the ID become faded, defaced or otherwise unreadable, it will no longer be valid for use and may have the barcode removed or be confiscated for referral to the track counselor or grade level administrator.